Life may not always live up to our dreams, but on some days some things can be perfect for you. Wedding days and wedding dresses will stay in our memories for decades to come. Indulge yourself, and let us help you create the best memories ever. Have the wedding dress you dreamt about your entire life.

Elements of a Wedding Dress:

The Train- Anything from Brush, which barely touches the floor, to the cathedral, which extends several feet behind the bride.

The Bodice- the main area between the neck and skirt.

Skirt- Many styles, usually reaching the ground, but short ones can work well.

Sleeves- Arm length to non-existent; loose or tight. Sometimes long gloves are used.

Veil – The piece most associated with a bridal dress.

Advice- Dress Fitting

  • Make an appointment with us in advance
  • Bring a friend or two with you when dress shopping or fitting. Not a large group, just an opinion or two you can trust.
  • Choose undergarments well in advance of the fitting. Occasionally these will change to accommodate the final dress, but if you are changing into several different dresses you will need something presentable underneath.
  • Have shoes of the same height as you plan to wear on the ceremony day.
  • Remember that the makeup style will be a significant part of the look. You want the dress and makeup to match. Let the makeup artist know about the dress and let the dressmaker see a photo of the makeup trial.

Designer Wedding Dress Sydney

We know to talk to wedding dress designers in advance when seeking advice. Try talking to anybody else who has recently made the plunge; many probably are more than eager to talk about what they did or should have done; everybody has an anecdote or two. This is usually an enjoyable part of the planning. Do some research online- this is easier than ever. The biggest problem will be the agony of too many choices.