Couture Sydney

Couture is the dress designed for the individual on that unique occasion. And though the bride’s dress receives the most attention it is a misconception to think that this is the only unique design on the day. Bridesmaids and the mother of the bride have a lot of thought and effort behind their dresses, even if the idea is be coordinated with the ceremony rather than be the centre of attention. And the groom’s suit, though never as flamboyant as the bride’s dress design, will have had more than a little customization done.

Bridesmaid Couture Sydney

Bridesmaid’s dresses are usually designed to match, but not always in an obvious way. Some brides like their attending bridesmaids literally dressed in an identical way; a variation is to have identically styled dress in different colours. As everybody has a different look and complexion this can be a good option. Think about what will suit the look of the wedding overall, this is one time you can be a little overindulgent. And a large part of this consideration is what looks good in the photos. You will be showing the photos for a long time to come; if there is one universal piece of advice for wedding decisions it is considering how it will look later on in the photos.

Some people like to have bridesmaid dresses that can be used later for different occasions. This isn’t a bad idea, but don’t compromise a wedding design over such a consideration. Darker colours dresses can often be used again for formal occasions, but brighter colours tend to be a little more suitable for a wedding.

The weather and season are considerations for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Extreme hot or cold is a factor, as you don’t want anybody too uncomfortable or for makeup to run in the heat. The season can also be a factor when it comes to colours; autumn hues might look good at that particular time of the year. Look at the ceremony location and imagine what would work best.